Does Your Home Have Enough Power to Meet Your Electrical Needs?

Hire us for electrical panel upgrades in Harrison Twp & Chesterfield Twp, MI

An outdated electrical panel can't keep up with your current electrical usage, especially if you have TVs and modern appliances. That's where Electrix comes in - we offer residential electrical panel upgrades in Harrison Twp, MI. You can count on us to remove your outdated panel and replace it with a Square D HomeLine load center.

Reach out to us today if you need electrical panel replacement services.

Avoid electrical overloads

You just bought a high-tech stereo for your living room. When you plug it in, sparks fly and the lights go out. Unfortunately, older homes weren't designed to accommodate modern appliances or electronics. Instead of returning your latest purchase, get in touch with us for electrical panel replacement services. We can also:

  • Replace circuit breakers, risers and meters
  • Upgrade grounding systems
  • Repair electrical panels
  • Install ground rods
Contact us now for a free inspection. Our electrical panel upgrades are second to none.

Signs you need an electrical panel upgrade

You don't have to search far and wide for quality electrical panel upgrade services in Harrison Twp, MI. Look no further than Electrix. You should reach out to us ASAP for electrical panel replacement services if:

  • Breakers are tripping when you plug appliances in
  • Your utility bills are quickly increasing
  • Your lights flicker when you turn them on
  • You notice a burning smell coming from your electrical panel
If you're dealing with any of these warning signs, contact us now for electrical panel upgrade services. And be sure to ask about our free estimates.

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